"Eggsellent" Wedding Traditions Around the World

Eggs aren’t just for Easter. In fact, eggs are a central feature in the wedding customs of many countries around the world, typically symbolising fertility and new beginnings.

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1. Malaysia

A hard-boiled egg decorated with flowers and ribbons and is a common wedding favour at Malay weddings. Called, “bunga telur,” literally translated as “flower egg,” it is a symbol of fertility, and a wish for the couple to have many children.

"Bunga Telur" wedding favours

2. Greece

Sugarcoated almonds are traditionally given to guests at Greek weddings. In fact, almonds are chosen for their egg shape, which represents happy new beginnings.

Koufetta, or Jordan Almonds as they are called in Italian weddings, look very similar to eggs for a reason

3. Iran

During Iranian weddings, couples place a basket of decorated eggs on the “sofreyé aghd” —the table on which all the symbolic elements of the wedding are placed. The eggs are often beaded or painted in metallic colours like gold or silver.

Embellished hard-boiled eggs are served at Iranian weddings

4. Indonesia

During an “egg breaking ceremony,” the couple faces each other at the entrance of their new home, whereby the groom stands outside and the bride stands inside the house. The groom then steps on an egg with his right foot to indicate he will be the master of the house. The bride then washes his feet afterwards in front of the guests, as a way to show her love!

5. Morocco

Breaking eggs during the wedding reception is common custom for Moroccans. The eggs’ white colour signifies light and luck for the newlyweds.

Eggs in a basket with dried henna leaves and roses is a symbol of prosperity at a Moroccan wedding

6. Ireland

Back in the day, a laying hen was tied to the bed on the first honeymoon night in the hopes that it would lay an egg, which is considered a sign of good luck.

Like the symbolism of eggs at a wedding, but want something with a modern touch? How about these fun ideas?

How cute are these chocolate egg filled cupcakes?

Why not use hard-boiled eggs instead of name cards? Perfect for an Easter wedding!

Because everyone loves devilled eggs!

Fill glasses with candles, mini eggs, and flowers to create gorgeous centrepieces

Thank guests for coming with a wrapped sweet treat from the '"love birds"

Have you been to a wedding where eggs played an important part of the ceremony or decoration? Tell us in the comments!

Happy Easter everyone!​

- Christina


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