Budget Tip: Pick Seasonal Flowers for Your Wedding

Planning a wedding on a budget? Or are you just curious about which flowers are in season during your wedding? We’ve rounded up a gallery of gorgeous wedding bouquets that feature in-season flowers for each month of the year.


In Season: Rose, Ranunculus, Dahlia, Delphimium, Gerbera, Snap Dragon, Lisianthus, Tulip, Liatris

January wedding bouquet

Winter weddings can be very magical and romantic. From the blooms to the textures, there’s still plenty to choose from during the wintery months. This bouquet is overflowing with ranunculus, garden roses, Sahara roses, and dahlias that are all in full bloom in January.

Photography: Collin Hughes


In season: Astromeria, Lillium Casablanca, Delphimium, Hydrangea, Calla Lilly, Gerbera, Larkspur, Lisianthus, Magnolia

February bouquet for winter brides

This bouquet is perfect for a wintery wedding. Whether you’re planning a big city celebration filled with winter greenery or an elegant affair in the mountains, this bouquet filled with hydrangeas, magnolias, and calla lilies is chic and perfect for a February wedding.

Photography: Marmalade Floral


In season: Freesia, Cornflower, Scabiosa, Gerbera, Hydrangea, Iris, Ranunculus, Tulip, Delphimium

freesia and iris bouquet for march wedding

Planning an intimate wedding in March? As the weather is just getting warmer and spring is in the air, this bouquet full of seasonal flourishes like lilac Iris, freesias, and hyacinths is just perfect.

Photography: Savannah Weddings


In season: Sunflower, Rose, Snap dragon, Ranunculus, Orchid, Peonies, Alstromeria, Tulip, Gerbera

april wedding bouquet with sunflowers

Add a warm and cheerful vibe to your big day by picking the right types of flowers. This April bride’s bouquet is filled with roses, ranunculus, dahlias, sunflowers, succulents, and dusty miller for a bright and positive feel.


In season: Tulip, Peonies, Snap Dragon, Lillium Stargazer, Alstromeria, Freesia, Gerbera, Rose, Lisianthus

may wedding bouquet

This bursting bouquet with fiery red tones is ideal for bolder brides. Bright seasonal tulips are paired with sweet smelling ranunculus and pink roses. Delicate anemones, eucalyptus, and peonies balance it all out.


In season: Orchids, Peonies, Sunflower, Daffodil, Lily, Calla Lily, Alstromeria, Roses, Gerbera

purple and yellow daffodils wedding bouquet

June is always a popular time to get married. Summer is in the air, which means it’s a great time for abundant, beautiful flowers. Yellow daffodils and purple alstromerias are the stars of this bouquet, complemented by white roses and calla lilies.

Photography: My Life


In season: Alstromeria, Gerbera, Zinnia, Sunflower, Rose, Carnation, Dahlia, Gladiola, Chrysanthemum

July wedding bouquet

Have you seen a prettier spring wedding bouquet than this? This colourful bouquet of pink dahlias, romantic garden roses, bright zinnia, and lush greens will get you feeling all kinds of happy on your big day.


In season: Zinnia, Snap Dragon, Lily, Carnation, Sunflower, Chrysanthemum, Gerber, Rose, Sunflower

deep orange and yellow august wedding bouquet

In love with the wild botanical look? Why not try something like this summer bouquet with red and orange zinnias, yellow sunflowers, purple snapdragons, green millet and dusty miller. This colour scheme is also super on trend for the month of August, a time of the year that hints at change.


In season: Hyacinthus, Rose, Zinnia, Orchid, Iris, Freesia, Hydrangea, Snapdragon

wild botanic wedding bouquet

Gem coloured florals paired with deep red shades read wild opulence. This whimsical bouquet is overflowing with burgundy cosmos, white snapdragons, marsala red zinnia, and pretty clematis, peaking through wild greenery and fern leaves.


In season: Magnolia, Lily of the Valley, Rose, Orchid, Calla Lily, Queen Anne’s Lace, Hydrangea, Snapdragon, Carnation

october wedding bouquet

This gorgeous bouquet is perfect for a garden or countryside wedding in autumn. A mix of protea, thistle, and hypericum gives a bohemian look while delicate and frilly Queen Anne's lace makes an attractive filler flower.


In season: Dahlia, Rose, Carnation, Stock, Peonies, Delphimium, Alstromeria, Hydrangea, Snapdragon

pastel wedding bouquet with daisies

This bouquet is great for couples going for a pastel themed wedding. Seasonal and budget friendly, peach carnations complement lilac garden roses and smiling daisies.


In season: Gardenia, Stephanotis, Gerbera, Poppy, Calla Lily, Rose, Anemone, Disbud, Carnation

festive christmas wedding bouquet

Make your big day extra special by adding some creative, festive touches starting with your bouquet. Deep red roses, white stephanotis, and abundant greenery played perfectly with the holly leaves in this gorgeous winter bouquet.

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