Which Font is Right For Your Wedding Invitation?

You’ve probably heard this before: your invitation sets the tone of your wedding. This means the font you choose is as equally important as the design.

With all the amazing fonts we offer at YBD, we share some helpful tips to guide you through choosing the most suitable one for your wedding invitations.

Firstly, we advise to decide what type of wedding you’d like to have. Will it be casual and fun or traditional and grand? Take a look at the main categories we have available and choose the font that speaks to your wedding style.


We suggest fonts that have sleek, clean lines like Sans Serif or Helvetica. Ask your designer to increase the font size to make a statement. Not afraid to try new things? Free hand brush strokes add a contemporary look to your wedding stationery. Perfect for a low-key, buffet style dinner.


This font type conveys that the couple is traditional and likes things classy. Flowing letters are great for an elegant affair, while all-caps letters allow the information to take centre stage.


Script fonts will definitely make your guests swoon and these never go out of style. Look for extra swash and embellished capitals. Pair with a flower-themed design for the ultimate romantic wedding!


Looking for a design that’s out of the box? Go for whimsical fonts or a mix of font styles combined in one design. When it comes to materials, you don’t need to stick with paper either – think white ink on acrylic plastic or invites printed on real wood.

Still don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact us for more information. We’re here to help!

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