10 Most Common Stationery Mistakes

We all want our wedding day to go absolutely perfectly. Picking out the stationery is a big part of that as it gives guests a glimpse into the festivities, as well as the important information. Today, we're sharing the most common mistakes couples make when ordering their wedding stationery. Read on to find out what you should be aware of.

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1. OTT designs: While we’re all about adding fun, personalised elements to wedding stationery, sometimes less is more. For instance, though you love the architecture of the chapel, your wedding dress’s lace detail, AND the peonies of your bridal bouquet, it’s best to work with your designer to choose one element to stand out.

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2. Not ordering a sample: One of the biggest tips people will tell you for your wedding is “try before you buy.” And we couldn’t agree more. Your wedding invitations, when designed carefully, will be a heirloom piece so you’ll want to make sure the result is exactly how you imagined. Your Big Day allows you to order samples for free to touch and see the quality and design in person. Contact us and order yours!

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3. Inconsistent wedding stationery: Colours are important at a wedding but too much can make your day’s theme confusing. From invitations to day-of items, make sure to carry those colours and design elements throughout each of the pieces for a look that’s consistent and cohesive.

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4. Forgetting about Etiquette These days, weddings enjoy lots of freedom when it comes to the location, the theme, the formality – and even the etiquette too. That’s not to say basic etiquette should be ignored. So, which parts matter? A few fundamentals include using professional titles where needed, wedding gift etiquette, and the wording when it comes to the different scenarios, for example adults only, parents hosting, etc. Paying attention to these details will show your guests you care.

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5. Missing typos

You’d be surprised how easy it is to overlook a misspelled name (even your own), miss a letter in a website, or even the wrong day of your wedding. It’s often the simplest gaffes and punctuation errors we notice here at Your Big Day. We always advise to double (or triple-check) the text before it goes to print, or have a detail-oriented friend or family member to help with the proofing. Tip: do as copy editors and read from right to left!

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6. Over-ordering / Not ordering enough This is probably one of the most common mistakes we see. You won’t need an invitation per guest, but you also don’t want to be stuck with too many! That’s why its super important to determine your exact guestlist, before giving your stationer any numbers. We advise ordering 25% more than your estimated number, just so you know you have enough, which will come in handy for those last minute plus ones or envelope addressing mistakes.

7. Sacrificing quality Picking out your wedding invitations is one of the most important steps of wedding planning so you want them to be beautiful and unique like you. Are you a DIY diva with excellent printing and design skills? That’s great. But for those of you who will need some professional assistance, seek out reputable and experienced stationers.

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8. Forgetting important info Wedding invitations should be beautiful, yes, but most importantly the information on it should be clear and concise. Planning a destination wedding? Maps, directions, hotel/B&B recommendations, dress code, etc. will help pre-empt questions and reduce stress levels for you and your guests. Equally important is to give your dates an RSVP date. Leave yourself a bit more time than you think – there will always be one or two who forget to answer!

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9. Adding too much info Finding a balance between your design and the content is key. Adding too much information about the reception on the ceremony card risks crowding the invitation. Pick out the key information: where, when, who, and use only that on the invitation. We also suggest a separate enclosure card for the details of your reception. This ensures a wedding suite that’s both beautiful and informative. To help you stay on budget, YBD offers a free enclosure card with every order! Contact us to find out more.

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10. Ordering last minute It’s important to give enough time to order wedding invitations, especially fully-customised ones. We advise ordering them 3-4 months before the wedding, or even earlier especially if you’re planning a destination wedding. This allows enough time for the consultation process, designing, proofing, production, and delivery time. Having your wedding invitations ready ahead of time also gives your guests enough time to reply to them. Do you have a confirmed date, time, and location? That’s all you really need to get started.

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