A Guide to Gold Foil Stamping

January 9, 2018

We have had the pleasure of printing a number of modern and traditional script wedding invitations for our clients around the world, customising with their font with gold and rose gold foil printed techniques. Here’s everything you need to know about this ever-popular printing method:

Rose gold foil lettering + wild floral wreath design 

How does it work?

Foil stamping is a type of printing process, which involves three things: foil material, heated metal plates, and pressure. Once the design has been confirmed, we create custom made plates based on your design. When ready to print, these plates are heated and pressure is applied to them, activating an adhesive within the foil, which allows the foil material to leave a luxurious, slight indentation effect in the form of your design. This adds a glamorous touch to whatever surface you apply the foil.


We use a hand-applied technique to add foil, which is available in gold, rose gold, silver, copper, white, green, and even blue colour. This foil paper is opaque and that opaqueness allows it to stand out both on light and dark paper. 

Raised gold foil lettering on marbled design  

How much does it cost?

Gold foil stamping is one of the more costly printing options, due to the time-consuming process it takes to achieve its effect. Also, you typically need thicker, high quality paper to withstand the indentation of the print when it comes to foiled stationery. The price, therefore, varies depending on the invitation design and type of paper you choose.


However, we believe that custom shouldn’t have to mean unaffordable. That’s why we offer our brides (and grooms) the ability to quote us their budget and we will create a custom foil stamped invitation design that matches their needs.


What can I customise?

Here at Your Big Day, we offer our clients custom foiling for their wedding invitations. You can choose from matte, semi-transparent, or metallic finishes. You can also choose to combine with other printing options. For example, gold foil lettering for just the bride and groom’s names + regular digital printing for the rest of the text is a popular option.


Tip: it’s best to avoid printing intricate designs and important keywords in gold foil as too much of it makes the text difficult to read.

Gold foil on dark navy pocket envelope 

Gold foil stamping is a wonderful addition to all sort of wedding themes, from luxe and romantic to whimsical, contemporary and casual. Not sure if gold foil is for you?


Check out some of our past designs. We bet there’s something there that will catch your eye:

 Gold foil + letterpress 

 Gold foil text and border 

 Gold foil stamped text and envelope

 Rose gold foil on thick white paper and custom seal 

 Rose + yellow gold foil invitation suite 

 Copper gold foil on dark grey paper 

 Geometric gold foil stamped design 

Silver foil border and glitter belly band  

 Gold foil border and text directions card 

 Gold foil stamped (opaque) on metallic envelope 

 Gold foil stamped thank you card 

Rose gold foil on light grey card  



 Embossed gold, green, and red foil stamped envelope 



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